So Tired…So Very Tired

I have had a great couple of days, but they haven’t been easy.  Exciting?  Yes.  Nervous?  Yes.  A bit embarrassing?  Yes.  I’ll start with the shame.

I have been involved with planning a big event recently–A BOOKISH AFFAIR.  It is the first time I have tried to do something like this, and it was no picnic.  The Friends of the Library helped, and it turned out to be a whole lot of fun.  Still, I had some shame come on me before it began.  You see, I have had some trouble getting the ROSWELL DAILY RECORD to use my press releases–for about sixteen years.  Sometimes they use them, and sometimes they don’t.  So…when I started working on this big event, I tried to make sure I followed all the various instructions they have given me over the years, and they didn’t put my story in, so I lost it.  I mean, I LOST IT.  I have a rule for myself that when I’m feeling emotional, I will wait at least twenty-four hours before I act on anything.  I didn’t.  I called Tim Howsare at the RECORD, and I started griping full volume.  He was patient, and he listened, and he very kindly got on it and printed my story.  More importantly, he also sent a reporter, Jeff Jackson, who wrote a fine article following the event, and I am entirely grateful to both of them.

The event itself was delightful.  Both the readers’ and the writers’ panels were interesting and informative.  People joined in and seemed to have a fantastic time.  Rob Wilder spoke and read from his work, and he stole the show.

Wilder library_edited-1

Since then I have been doing two things, resting to try and recover.  Cleaning and putting away all the things I had to move and use to do the event, and finally working on a new web page.  It is killing me.  I hate that I do not have enough background to program my commerce page for the publishing house.  I have it set up, but I want to provide a paypal button, and this will not be easy.  Nor will it be cheap.

To add just a little bit extra to the mix, I have family visiting.  It is exactly enough pressure and work and struggle to make me constipated.  YOU MUST DRINK MORE WATER.  My mother would say that at this point.  Here she is saying it.

Mom talking

It’s funny.  I keep thinking, “I have a job that’s pretty hard, the whole teaching thing.  How did I manage to find another job that feels pretty hard, and one for which I have little talent and no training?”  I don’t know.  I don’t know.

Enough moan-moan-moaning.  It was a great day.  I had tons of fun, and Hedda P. Saltz was introduced to the world as a poet.  Her book is superb.  FREE RAIN–get it at or just look up her name.  You’ll see the link.  I’m not quite ready to launch the website.  It’s more than my tiny brain can finish today.

Sleep well.

About evamccollaum

I am a starting publisher who needs the help of younger people to successfully use social networking. I continuously search for good stories and good writers.
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