Reading a Book

I don’t have much to say today because I’m in the midst of reading a book–an actual, physical novel with characters and settings and a plot.  I absolutely love reading books, but I’m surprised at how much effort it takes for me to read one.  This is partly because I have visitors right now.  My second brother and his wife are here, and I like to cook for family when they are around.  Plus, I have moved laundry to Friday during the summer.

I’m not going to talk about the particular book here, but I will talk a little about the reading experience before I get back to it.  I’ll save my review of the book for when I have it finished (hopefully sometime tomorrow).

Reading a book, a novel especially, has a secret world quality to it.  I open the pages, and suddenly I’m in another place with other people.  I have a group of ideas to consider that have nothing to do with the here and now, with politics or practicality.  It feels indulgent and luxurious.  I’m sure there are people out there who envy me the hours I will spend of these two days reading this book.  I don’t blame them.  Reading a book is delightful, a long sumptuous meal with good wine and a dessert if you’re really lucky.  It’s nothing like Youtube, which I enjoy, or television, which I enjoy, or pod casts, which I enjoy as well.  It’s more challenging than all those things, and if the book is well written it’s much more rewarding.

Here’s to reading a book.  May all those who desire to do so, find a good book to read this summer, under a fan, with a cool drink at hand.

About evamccollaum

I am a starting publisher who needs the help of younger people to successfully use social networking. I continuously search for good stories and good writers.
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