Bookish Directions

In two days we’ll be ready for one heck of an event.  The Bookish Affair will begin on the NMMI Campus at 2:00 pm in Mabee Hall, and I have come to realize that most people have not visited the interior of that august institution.  I have decided to provide some directions and some images to help those who are nervous to feel more at home at the “Old Post.”

First, we’ll be watching The Shawshank Redemption in Mabee Hall which is just inside the door of Penrod Toles Learning Center.  So…we’ll start with the map.  On this map, TOLES is building 32 and Mabee is just inside the door.   The center “X” is right on Mabee.

BOOKISH Map Marked

You will notice that there are two different entrances on College BLVD.  Both go north off College.  If you take the first west entrance from Main Street, you will end up in from of Lusk Hall.  It looks like this:

Bookish Lusk

Looking north from the Lusk Hall parking lot, you’ll see this:

Bookish Bronco

If you turn directly west in the Lusk hall parking lot and walk along the broad sidewalk, you should head toward the “X” in the picture below:

Bookish from Lusk

Once you walk about 20 yards, you’ll see the Penrod Toles Learning Center sign. Just go in the building and turn left immediately.  This is the sign you’re looking for:

Bookish Sign

Now, let’s take a look at the path from the second allowed entrance west of Main Street on College BLVD.  You’ll end up in the Bates parking lot.  This is what Bates looks like:

Bookish Bates

Directly north of the Bates parking lot is another building.   It looks like this:

Bookish Bates parking 1

Toles is directly east from this parking lot.  If you face directly east, you’ll see a broad sidewalk, and in the image below, you should head for the place marked with a big red “X.”

Bookish Toles from Bates

It should be fairly simple, and I’ll probably be lurking about looking to be sure everyone is finding his or her way to the venue.  I can’t wait to see all of you.

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