Albertson’s and the Big Time Suck

I begin today by apologizing for failing to fulfill a promise.  I claimed I would blog daily sometime ago.  Boy!  Did I let those words fall to earth!  I have a whole blog about procrastination that I wrote a while back to put up for why I had stopped blogging, but I didn’t get it done.  So…there’s that.  Perhaps I will eventually put that up for readers to examine.  It will take several days, as it led me to contemplate other things, like Baptist preacher’s sermons and other terrors of the modern age.  Among those is the inspiration for today’s short entry.

Albertson’s is having a game, its version of Monopoly.

If there is anything that brings out my tendency to laziness and putting things off, it’s a stack of little paper tickets with tiny printing and sixteen symbol codes.  I have been gathering Monopoly papers for weeks and entering the information into the online second chance sweepstakes.  I finally finished with all those little tickets today.

Blog Albertson's ticketsI redeemed all my tokens, and I have won almost nothing.  I take that back.  I won a little bag of wet, springy carrots.  I also won a little bag of hamburger buns.  I was supposed to win a package of beef franks, but the Albertson’s here in town didn’t have any, not one package of the store brand.  Also, because of the virus, they are not selling individual donuts, so I couldn’t even get a single one to give to my mother.  I’m off donuts right now.  Perhaps that’s why I’m so cranky.  That has to be it, right?  It couldn’t be anything else.

Anyhoo…I think Albertson’s should redo their whole strategy of the Monopoly game.  Instead of making me sort through an endless stacks of little sheets of paper and type ridiculous sixteen symbol codes into their shopplaywin webpage, they should just give the prizes away.  Every time a regular shopper buys something at Albertson’s his or her name should be put in a big hopper and each week there should be a drawing.  They could notify the winners and tell them the only requirement to getting the prize is being willing to have your picture taken with the prize (to be used in advertisements).

Image all the time of customers and employees they would be saving!  Imagine the resources they would save by not printing out those useless little papers.  If they put their minds to it, they could figure out a way to make all the little promotions and advertisements they do with the extra ticket incentives and such.

I realize people might think, “Well, you probably have a huge amount of time on your hands these days.  It is probably fine that this dumb game is a gigantic time suck.”  Nope.  I realize that all sorts of people are going stir crazy and have way too much time on their hands, but I have things to do.  Videos about falconry are NOT going to just watch themselves.  Online games of solitaire are not going to play themselves, and SOMEONE has to go out in the yard every hour or so and move the sprinkler.  All these things take time, and I’m run off my feet by the end of the day.

I plead with Albertson’s to reconsider their game design.  I also hope I can get some cabinets cleaned out this afternoon, but who knows?  Maybe I’ll just wait for moonrise and take pictures of that.

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