Guacamole from Scratch

Recently one of my Sophomores (initials–R.M.; alias–Evelyn) gave me three avacados from her family’s property in sunny California.  They were remarkable avacados, and I promised to make the class guacamole.  I almost let them get too ripe, but just in time, as with all things on the edge, I made the dip as a treat for the kids.  Here is the recipe. 

The sun room before the sun rises.

The sun room before the sun rises.

First, get up really early since you have to be at work by 0700 and you have to stop by the grocery store to buy some decent corn chips and some humus and some cheese dip because fifteen-year-old people are notoious “fussy” eaters.  (Look up George Carlin to know what this title truly means.)  It helps if there is a Christmas tree somewhere in the house to remind you of why you are doing this crazy thing. 

Nearly too ripe

Nearly too ripe

Next, get some really RIPE avacados.  It does no good to rush this.  There is a thirty hour window in which they will do.  If you try to use them when they are not ripe enough, they will never achieve the creaminess that sets really good guacamole apart from the dreck that has sour cream in it.  YES!  I said “dreck,” and I mean DRECK! 

The amonts are all dependent on the moment and cooks preferences.

The amounts are all dependent on the moment and cook’s preferences.

This is a simple recipe.  It takes confidence in the product more than it does subtlty.  You must have limes, minced garlic, green chile, chopped cilantro (optional) and good salt. 

I like to use the brand name “505” when choosing the green chile, but any roasted green chile that has been peeled and chopped will do.

Truly, I like them just a little less ripe than this, but the size of it is impressive.

Truly, I like them just a little less ripe than this, but the size of it is impressive.

The biggest problems with making guacamole come from the avacados themselves. Cut them in half. Spoon out the flesh. Discard the skins. Wear an apron. The flesh of this fruit has tremedous staining power. You never want it on a nice piece of clothing. One way to deal with the pit is to let it fall out after spooning the flesh from the skin. Some people save the pits and put them back in the dip to “keep it from getting brown.” I find the limes do that. Further, mine never hangs around long enough to get very brown.

Best when served with FRESH tortilla chips.

Best when served with FRESH tortilla chips.

Some people will add onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, tomatillos, and lemon. That’s all a matter of taste, but if you want pico de gallo, why not just make that? Guacamole is all about the green pear of the West. Let it have the spot light.


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