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It’s D-Day, June 6.  I’ve heard a great deal of fat-headed talk about D-Day lately, people making snide remarks about young people and they don’t know about this day or what it means.  How are they supposed to know what this day is if people who do know a little  history have trouble putting it in perspective? Here’s mine.

The Canaanites had a god called Molech, to whom they sacrificed their little children in fire.  It was brutal, barbaric.  D-Day is when Molech came to Europe.

Of course, that’s not how historians put it.  On D-Day the allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy in order to drive out the invading Germans who were entrenched in machine gun nests along the beach in France.  American warriors landed and were cut to pieces, and yet they kept coming–into machine gun fire.  Why were the Germans in France?  They had given their hearts, minds, bodies, and considerable energies to a maniac who told them terrible lies and encouraged them to become the hosts to one of the worst orgies of blood and hatred the world has ever known.

I truly believe that the allies won because the German Third Reich was too evil to sustain itself, and God said, “Enough.”  The charge for we humans allowing this maniac loose upon the earth was the youth and beauty of the world.  The men who did NOT die on that beach, who lived and carried on, and came home, were brave in ways very few men are asked to be today.  What a terrible cost they paid because (let’s face it) even those who lived carried terrible internal wounds.  Those who lived were never the same, never so happy nor so hopeful nor so whole as they were before they became a part of that shattering war in the name of God and country.

My father was in the Pacific at the time.  I’ll tell more about that later.  I’m convinced that war cost my father twenty years of his life, maybe more.  It had to be fought.  The people of earth arrayed themselves and poured blood in great rivers.  I think that is the fruit of original sin.  Molech is still marching over the earth, gobbling up people in his terrible fires.

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