So…I’m behind on posts because yesterday, 6 June, was my parents’ anniversary.  I had intended to post in the evening, but I’m clearly not capable of posting anything after one glass–ONE GLASS–of red wine.  After one glass I have nothing left in me but a surfeit of sleep.

Anyway, my parents’ anniversary has been my responsibility for years now.  My dad died in 1982, and since that time, I always give my mom special attention on their anniversary date.  In fact, I know about D-Day partly because of my dad’s old joke that he had two different D-Days.  It was a pretty bad joke since he did not make the D-Day landing, and since their wedding was not exactly a D-Day.  I guess the date was what gave him a perfect record as far as remembering their anniversary.  He NEVER missed making a fuss of it, and perhaps that is why.  He did have a number of friends and family who were part of D-Day, and he was always aware of the important dates of history.

I have a brother who teaches history.  I wonder what his thoughts might be about D-Day and the current state of the world.  I bet it would be more amusing than mine.

I will say one thing about history.  I have a favorite historical image concerning courage.  It’s from the WWII era, and I just love it.  I’ll include a copy of it here:

spirit of Britian

This little boy was in London during the blitz, and a Nazi bomb trapped his little sister under some rubble, and he pulled her out.  Look at that tough little face.  I hope that I am that kind of tough.  The modest face and crossed arms fill me with admiration and love.  I suppose that same attitude is what I love about John Oliver.

I also love that John Oliver is funny.  I would love to be funny this morning.  I will try to figure out something funny to write today.  I feel a little like Mary Wordsworth who kept a journal all her life while her brother William became Poet Laureate of England.  Then again, she had entries like “William gathered sticks today.”  So…yeah.

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