By the Eye

In anticipation of A Bookish Affair, I’ve been planning a photographic essay about good old Roswell, America.  By photographic essay, I mean I have set of images that I’m going to try and get of this town that show it off and ask those who live in it if they have REALLY seen it.  People are probably now required to be more visually astute than ever before, but I’m not sure if we are always using our eyes to our advantage.

As a reader from my early childhood, I’ve never been great with my eyes.  My nose and eyes were always buried in a book. Neither my mother nor my father needed glasses in youth, but all four of their children have–all of us.  I’m the lucky one that is MOST myopic.  Yep, I’m the only girl; I got the fat gene; I’ve worn glasses since I was nine, so everyone wants to be me.

Though not one to pose for pictures, I’ve always liked the art of photography.  My dad used to make the family bathroom into a dark room.  My oldest brother had a job in college working with the photography team that took pictures of weapons tests.  He was pretty good with a camera.  My second brother won the Best-in-Show ribbon at the Guadalupe County Fair with a landscape shot of Mirror Lake in the Grand Tetons, so he’s no slouch either.  One of the best friends is a professional photographer.  Lastly, I’m now sponsoring the NMMI yearbook, which means I’ve had to learn enough photography to teach students how to use it in publishing.  I’m an enthusiast, a fan.

By careful observation anyone can see Roswell is beautiful, and I like this town.  It’s not just beautiful.  It’s lovable.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not blind the the problems.  Who could be?  But I’m also fully able to see the way this place shines.  I’ll offer two examples of what I mean here.  First, I like the way things just fall together.

roswell yucca

Second, I love the dramatic sky.  Hardly a day goes by when the sky isn’t doing something amazing.  Not everyone has this kind of sky.

roswell sky

I took both these pictures no more than thirty feet from my back door.  Look at them! This place is gorgeous.  So…I’m going out tomorrow and finishing my tribute to Roswell.  Hold on to your panty hose!

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I am a starting publisher who needs the help of younger people to successfully use social networking. I continuously search for good stories and good writers.
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